HARRY STOKES was born around 1905 to Garrett and Amelia Stokes. He was a graduate of Girard College in Philadelphia, and began working for the Bell Telephone Company in New Jersey in 1923. He moved to the Fairview section of Camden NJ, residing at 1279 Merrimac Road. Harry Stokes was a charter member and trustee of the Independent Citizens Athletic Club of Fairview.

Harry Stokes died at Atlantic City NJ on August 12, 1936 when he suffered a fatal heart attack after rescuing two women who were in danger of drowning. He managed to bring them to safety, but the exertion put a fatal strain on his heart. He died in an ambulance on the way to the local hospital.


Camden Courier-Post - August 14, 1936
Camden Man Stricken With Heart Attack Due to Exertion


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