HARRY F. WALTON was born in Philadelphia on May 29, 1888. His parents Franklin M. Walton and Mary G. Walton, brought him and his brother William to Camden when they were quite young. The family was living at 520 Bailey Street in North Camden by 1892. A sister, Irene, was born in 1894. Harry F. Walton would live there for the rest of his life.

Franklin Walton had been one of the organizers of the Pyne Poynt Athletic Association, and following in his father's footsteps, Harry F. Walton helped organize and was the first president of the Pyne Poynt Social Club, which had its headquarters at 939 North 5th Street. He later became custodian of the building and was serving as the groups treasurer when he died. He also served as financial secretary of the Pyne Poynt Athletic Association, which shared the building. Harry F. Walton served as a Camden County Freeholder from Camden's Tenth Ward from 1925 to 1928. 

Harry F. Walton earned his living as a stockroom bookkeeper for the New York Shipbuilding Corporation for twenty-five years. His father had also worked as a bookkeeper.

Older brother William Walton served with the Camden Fire Department from February 1, 1913 until December of 1917, when he resigned and enlisted in the United States Army. 

Despondent over the recent death of his mother and his own poor health, Harry F. Walton shot himself at his Bailey Street home on December 27, 1939. 

Camden Courier-Post * June 9, 1932

Henry W. Aitken - Pyne Poynt Athletic Association - Frank J. Hartmann Jr. 
George B. Plummer - Harry Walton - Otto E. Braun
Benjamin Covington - Charles F. Bonner - John T. Landold
George E. Ash - Alonzo Hires - Walter Reyno - Clifford Flennard
Charles McCurdy - William L. Lloyd - Henry Haines - Samuel Dickinson
Howard Baird - William Robinson - Robert Nelson - Jacob Strecker
Foster Willis - Alfred Ross - William Sullender - Samuel J. Edwards
Jack Schiltz - Walter S. Agin 

Camden Courier-Post - June 26, 1933

'Nude Bathing" Allowed Here, Police Keep Out'
Proposed Sign of 'Safe Petting Sponsor
Announcement of Delaware Township' 'Humanitarian's' Intention Made
to North Camden Civic Group by Target of Pancoast's Criticism

A nudist bathing "colony" on the muddy banks of Cooper River!

This is the latest plan of Lewis B. Simon, of Delaware township, who attracted attention three weeks ago when he established a petter's paradise on property owned by him in the township.

At least that is the intention of Simon providing the plain does not encounter legal obstacles, it was announced last night by Frank J. Hartmann, Jr., secretary of the North Camden Civic Associaition, at a meeting of the association at 939 North Fifth Street.

According to Hartmann, it is Simon's intention to purchase property along the creek in Camden and place a sign on it bearing the legend:


Hartmann declared it was not necessarily a mark of Simon's extreme liberality, so much as a "satirization of police." His announcement came as an echo of the arrest of 14 nude bathers, all boys and young men, by police on orders of Mayor Roy R. Stewart last Thursday after Hartmann had complained.

All 14 were released the following day by Judge Garfield Pancoast, who scored those causing the arrests.

"It Is Mr. Simon's attitude," Hartmann explained, "that if the city is going to allow nude bathing it may as well be legalized as much as possible.

"We complained to the Mayor, who is director of public safety, about vandalism which has resulted in destruction of property valued at more than $500,000," Hartmann said. "Yet, there has not been one conviction for vandalism, and nude bathing is considered as more, important. The arrests of those boys were made more to embarrass me than in the interest of morals.

"If police are sincere about any complaints I make, why hasnít there been one arrest for vandalism? We have a wisecracking judge who compliments offenders, so I wonder if he will be so ready to sanction nude bathing now that Mr. Simon believes in finding some legalization for it?"

Hartmann also protested against a rumored proposal to close the fire station [Engine Company 4- PMC] on Vine Street between Third and Fourth Streets.

"That would be a very dangerous move for this section of the city," he said, "for if a train was shifting on the North Main Street tracks at the time of a fire, we would be left without protection because apparatus would be unable to get through from any other section of the city."

George Shaw, vice president. also I protested against the removal, declaring that "the fire underwriters are not in favor of it."

Both men also alleged that North Camden was without sufficient police protection.

Officers were re-elected for the ensuing six months of the year. They are Harry F. Walton, president; Shaw, vice president; Mrs. Ida Pfeil, treasurer; Hartmann, recording secretary, and Miss Elsie Stein, financial secretary.

Camden Courier-Post - February 24, 1936

Number of Out-of-town Members Among 60 at 25th Banquet Session

More than 60 members of the Pyne Poynt Athletic Club joined celebrating the club's twenty-fifth anniversary at a banquet and entertainment Saturday night at the organization's headquarters 939 North Fifth street. Commissioner Frank J. Hartmann, Jr., one of the club's former presidents was among the speakers. Chester Vissel, board of education member also attended. 

The group was entertained by John Devlin, "Irish Ambassador," and engaged in a Monte Carlo contest under direction of George Townsend of Collingswood. Three of the members now living at Washington, D. C., journeyed back to the club from the national capital. They are William Brandt, R. George Rheinbold and William Begg.

Among other out-of-town members attending were Arthur Messler, Westwood; Harry Edginton, Milford, Del.; William Cann and Howard Hurlock, both of Wilmington, Del., and AIfred Heap, Haddonfield, one of the organizers.

Harry F. Walton, first president, was toastmaster. Albert Ross, Jr., house director was in charge of banquet preparations. Officers of the club are Edward H. Winters, president; Alexander Kahnweiler, vice president; Hamilton H. Batten, recording secretary; Frank Kelley, financial secretary; Harry F. Walton, treasurer, and George E. Ash, director-at-large.

Camden Courier-Post - February 5, 1938

Heads Banquet

Annual Get-Together of 27 Year-Old Organization
Set for February 26

Twenty-seven year's ago a group of North Camden young men banded together to promote sports.

Since that time an enviable record or achievements has been set up as the result of that meeting in the home of Albert R. Heap, 544 Bailey Street, in the latter part of January, 1911.

There, it was that the young men formed themselves into the Pyne Poynt Social Club. They met there for about three weeks, then moved to the Southwest corner of Fifth and Erie Streets; which has been the headquarters since.

The original group and those who joined in the years which immediately followed the organization meeting have scattered, many of them have moved out of the city, but each year they get together at a banquet.

Annual Banquet February 26

The time now is approaching when the annual banquet will be held. It is scheduled for Saturday night, February 26, in the headquarters of the organization.

It is the gala occasion to which the older members 


Chairman of the committee which is arranging the twenty-
seventh annual banquet of the Pyne Poynt Social Club, which is to be held Saturday night, February 26.

look forward through the year- the opportunity to reminisce on the days that have gone and to recount the things they have done to promote sports. And, while the years have piled up for them, individually, there's not one of the group of about 60 members, who will attend the banquet, who is not just as peppy as ever in his interest for the original undertaking of the club.

"It will be the twenty-seventh annual banquet," said Frank Kelley, chairman of the banquet committee, "and the boys will be coming home for the get-together. They'll come from Washington, from Illinois, Delaware, several sections of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Old friendships will be renewed, old times and the affairs of the Pyne Poynt Social Club of bygone years will be discussed. It will be a night that will' be enjoyed by everybody:"

Gordon Mackay To Speak

It seems fitting, members pointed out, that the principal speaker should be a man well versed in sports, from the marble games of boyhood, through baseball, football, championship fights- everything in sports. The speaker will be Gordon Mackay, member of the editorial staff of the Courier-Post Newspapers.

Mackay, through his 40 years in newspaper work, will recount his experiences in sports- and Mackay knows sports and those who have made history in its various phases.

In addition to Kelley, the banquet committee is composed of Hamilton Batten, George Ash, Alfred J. Ross, Jr., Jacob Dreher, Ellery Caskey, Nick Adezio, Edward H. Winters, Alex Kahnweiler and Harry F. Walton. As chairman of the entertainment committee, Ross will be assisted by: Robert Johnson, William Huber and Caskey.

Camden Courier-Post - February 11, 1938

27th Annual Event Expected to Break Record on Night of Feb. 26

The twenty-seventh annual banquet of the Pyne Poynt Social Club promises to be the most successful and best attended in the history of this North Camden sports and social group.

From different parts of the country acknowledgments are coming in to Frank Kelley, chairman of the banquet committee, from members that they will be present at the dinner to be held Saturday night, Feb. 26, at the club's headquarters, corner of Fifth and Erie streets.

"We are striving to make this affair the best in the history of the club," said President Ed H. Winters, "and we believe it will far out measure our fondest expectations in the matter of attendance and the good time that everyone there will have.

"The club, in the years that it has been in existence, has occupied a prominent place in the sporting and social affairs of North Camden. It has been the means of making and holding friendships, and the friendships so established are cemented further each year by the annual banquet. The members look forward to it."

This year the principal speaker will be Gordon Mackay, member of the editorial staff of the Courier-Post newspapers. Mackay, who has been associated with newspapers for the last 40 years, will talk of sports, on which he is an acknowledged authority.

Among those who already have said they will attend are William Brandt, of Washington; George A. E. Rheinhold, also of Washington; William N. Cann, of Wilmington; Howard Hurlock and Louis Schwaiger, of Philadelphia; Robert Johnson, R. K. Dawrinson, Victor J. Paxson, Walter Adams, Harry McKinney, Fred Schwaiger, Ralph T. Githens, William Oberst, Clarence Rudolph and Arthur Messier, of Westwood; Herbert Schaeffer, of Bloomfield; Harry Edginton, of Milton, Del.; Thomas Kerr, of Bogota; Ren Plum, of Mt. Ephraim; J. Russell Taylor and Ed D. Crosley, of Buffalo, and Arthur Truitt, of Bridgeport, Conn.

Since the organization of the club, in the latter part of January, 1911, the following have been presidents: Harry F. Walton, 1911 and 1912; Cecil Battle. 1913 and 1914; George Townsend, 1915 and 1916; Frank Boyer, 1917; John Begg, 1918; Frank Haines, 1919, 1920 and 1931; John R. Taylor, 1921; Alex Kahnweiler, 1922; Ed. H. Winters, 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1935, 1936 and 1937; Richard Barry, 1932 and 1933; and Frank J. Hartmann, Jr.., now city commissioner, in 1934.

Vice presidents have been: Willard Fox, 1911; Battle. 1912; Barry, 1913 and 1931: Begg, 1914, 1915 and 1916 Arthur Messier, 1917, 1923, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928 and 1929; Haines, 1918; Winters, 1919; Schaeffer, 1921; William Benecke, 1922; W. E. Baird 1930; Barry, 1931; Otto H. Braun 1932, and Kahnweiler, 1933, 1934, 1935 1936 and 1937.

Camden Courier-Post - February 25, 1938
27th Annual Get-Together Will Hear Gordon Mackay Tell of Oldtime Sports

When members, of the Pyne Poynt Social Club gather in the club's headquarters, southwest corner of Fifth and Erie streets, tomorrow night it will be to mark the twenty-seventh, annual get-together which will be observed with a banquet. 

Harry F. Walton, first president of the organization, which was formed in the latter part of January, 1911, will be toastmaster. He served as head of the club in 1911 and 1912. 

Gordon Mackay, member of the news staff of the Courier-Post newspapers' and an authority on sports, will be the speaker. Mackay will give highlights on sporting activities with which he has become so familiar in his 40 years of newspaper, work. Frank H. Ryan, managing editor of the Courier-Post, will be a guest. 

"Many of the memberrs of the club have gone far afield from Camden,Ē said Walton, "but on the occasion of the annual dinner they all try to get back home' and rekindle the friendships' made when they were kids up here in North Camden." 

Served As Freeholder:, 

Walton, elected to the Board of Chosen Freeholders of Camden county as an independent Republican from the Tenth ward, served on the board in 1923 and, 1924. Born in Philadelphia, his parents brought him to Camden at an early age and he has lived in North Camden ever since. He has taken an active interest in civic affairs of the community. 

"We believe that this year will be the best banquet that we have ever had," he said. 

Present officers of the club are: Ed H. Winters, president; A. S. Kahnweiler, vice president; Hamilton J. Batten, recording secretary; Frank Kelley, financial secretary; Walton, treasurer; Alfred J. Rose, Jr., house chairman, and George Ash, trustee-at-large.

Kelley heads the banquet committee with the following members: Ash, Batten, Walton, Richard Barry, Kahnweiler, E. Caskey, Jacob Dreher and Nick Adezio. Rose is chairman of the entertainment committee, with Robert Johnson, William X. Huber, Jr. and Ellery Caskey as other members. 

Club's Wide Membership 

Other members of the club are Herman Brandt, Victor J. Paxson, Herbert Schaeffer, William N. Cann, Harry G. McKinney, Louis Schwaiger, David E. Barry, Thomas Kerr, Ren Plum, Ronald K. Lawrinson, William Brandt, William Walton, George A. E. Rheinbold, 

Charles Seybold, Fred Schwaiger, J. Allen Brown, George Greene; J. Russell Taylor, Harry Edginton, Samuel Payne, Trester W. Vissell, George H. Schwaiger; George W. Muschlet; Arthur Messler; R. Thornton Greene, William C. Pommerer, Charles Glendenning, William E. Smith, Walter T. Adams, John T. Beal, Otto E. Braun, John Deardon, James Selby, William T. Steele, William Begg and Alfred Huber.

Also Samuel Burrows, William J. Denham, Thomas R. Peacock, Frank H. Haines, Clarence Rudolph, Albert R. Heap, Herbert C. Battle, William Oberst, Fred Stahl; John Begg, Charles Stahl, Charles E. Packer, Paul E. Mount, City Commissioner Frank J. Hartmann Jr., Raymond Rickley, Ralph T. Githens, Howard Hurlock, Martin Steer, Harry Kerr, William Reimer, Curtis O. Sangtinette and Einar Odergaard. John LaRue, Jr., is president of the junior club of the Pyne Poynt Social. 

Camden Courier-Post - February 28, 1938


Harry F. Walton - Gordon Mackay - Dave Barry - Charles Glendenning
Nick Altrock - Frank Chance - John Kling - Eddie Collins - Jack Barry
Jimmy Sheckard - Frank Schulte - Frank H. Ryan - George "Nig" Rheinhold
Harry Edington - Frank Kelley - Hamilton J. Batten - A.S. Kahnweiler
Elery Caskey - Jacob Dreher - Nick Adezie - Alfred J. Rose Jr.
Robert Johnson - William X. Huber Jr.
Pyne Poynt Social Club

Camden Courier-Post
December 30, 1939


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