GEORGE W. OSLER was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on June 6, 1876 as an extra man, taking the place of William H. Corson with Engine Company 2. George Osler worked as an engineer prior to his appointment and after leaving the Fire Department. George Osler served until April of 1877, when he was replaced by Isaac Randolph.  

George Osler was born in Pennsylvania around 1841 to Charles and Luvinia Osler. The family moved to Camden soon after he was born, and had locatged in Camden's North Ward by 1850. Charles Osler supported his family by working as a steamboat engineer, in time, George Osler would follow him in this profession. The 1860 Census shows the Oslers living in the North Ward. Besides George, the family included younger siblings Clark, Silenia, Henry, Hannah, Wilhelmina, and Caroline Osler. George Osler married in the 1860s, and a son, Walter Osler, was born around 1867. George Osler was working as a slip tender at the Cooper's Point Ferry in the summer of 1869. By the following year he had begun working as an engineer. 

When George Osler was appointed to the Fire Department, no address was entered into department records. City Directories indicate that he was living at 432 Lawrence Street in 1879. The 1880 Census shows the Osler family at 129 Mickle Street. By this time the Oslers had four more children at home besides Walter, Elizabeth, Harry, Reva, and Addie Osler.

By 1883 the ferry at the foot of Federal and Market Streets had been acquired by the Pennsylvania Railroad. City Directories indicate that the railroad would be George Osler's employer and he would work the ferries the rest of his working days. He was living at 221 Broadway when the 1883-1884 Directory was compiled, and at 918 Market Street in  1884 and 1885. The 1887-1888 directory gives his address as 200 Washington Street. By the end of 1888 he had moved to 457 Berkley Street.

The 1890-1891 Directory shows that he had moved to Stockton, that is, to what became East Camden in 1899. The address listed is "Penn Avenue near 25th, Cramer Hill", this street was renamed Howell Street after the 1899 annexation of Stockton by Camden.

The Directories from 1892-1893 through 1894-1895 give an address of 420 Trenton Avenue for George Osler. He stayed at 835 Linden Street in 1896, and he was at 28 North 26th Street in Stockton when the 1897 edition was compiled. The 1898 Directory indicates that George Osler was living with his parents at 214 Arch Street

The 1900 Census shows George Osler, a widower, living at 76 South 24th Street in East Camden with his daughter Reva, her husband John Knecht and son Harry. George OSler was still working as an engineer at the time of the census. George W. Osler is not listed in the 1906 Camden City Directory or 1910 Census, but is listed in the 1910 City Directory at 32 Morse Street in East Camden. He is not listed in the 1914 Directory or the 1918-1919 Directory.

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 11, 1869