Brown Sr.

GEORGE EDWARD BROWN SR.  was born in Mount Holly, New Jersey on March 19, 1925 to George Brown and his wife, the former Marie Isabel Chase. The family, which included younger brothers John, Daniel, and Edward lived at 13 Church Street in Mount Holly when the Census was take in 1930. The family moved to Camden in the 1930s. At some point aster the 1930 Census George and Marie Brown separated. By 1935 they were living at 427 Royden Street in South Camden. When the Census was taken in 1940, the Marie Brown and her sons were still at that address. 

On April 22, 1946 George Edward Brown married Virginia Ruth Ulrich in Camden. The Ulrich family had been in Cramer Hill since the 1910s, and it appears the the Browns lived with  Virginia's mother, Mrs. Emma Ulrich, at 2854 Buren Avenue in the late 1950s and quite possibly earlier. 

On September 20, 1957 brother-in-law Edward F. Ulrich was appointed to the Camden Fire Department. George E. Brown would soon follow. He was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on April 14, 1960, and reported for duty on April 16, 1960.

In September of 1973 his son, George E. Brown Jr. joined his father as a member of the Camden Fire Department. After 26 years and 7 months of honorable service, George E. Brown retired on pension effective January 1, 1987.

George E. Brown and family were living at 2854 Buren Avenue in Cramer Hill when he was appointed to the Camden Fire Department. By 1969 the Brown family had moved to 138 North 26th Street in East Camden, and were still at that address as late as the fall of 1981. 

George E. Brown's last years were spent as a resident of Rio Grande, New Jersey. He passed away in Philadelphia on April 14, 1996, leaving his wife and five children. Virginia Brown joined her husband on March 22, 2002. Son George E. Brown Jr. continued to serve until his retirement, on January 1, 2003.