EDWARD TROUTMAN was born in New Jersey around 1924 to Edward and Elenora Troutman. Their were nine children, five sons and three daughters. Four of the Troutman sons became Camden police officers, William, Edward, John, and Ronald. 

The family lived in the late 1920s and 1930s at 773 Division Street. Their neighbors, at 779 Division Street, were the Santosuosso family, son Joseph N. Santosuosso was killed in action in France on September 5, 1944. The Troutman family moved to 759 Bella Place in the late 1930 and remained their into the late 1940s. In time they moved to 751 Spruce Street, at the corner of Spruce Street and Bella Place.

Edward Troutman joined the Camden Police Department on September 16, 1948 along with his brother William Troutman. The other brothers, John Troutman and Ronald Troutman, joined later. In December of 1953 he rescued three people, two of them children, from a burning house at 1247 South 3rd Street.

Camden Courier-Post - December 28, 1953

Camden Courier-Post * January 3, 1955
Benjamin Dzick - Dixie Danceland
George Gillard - Teven Williams
Chestnut Street - Broadway
Clark H.S. Hohney
Henry Lutz
Richard Brooks
George Brown
Edward Troutman
George Ellis
Oliver Coward
William Lindsey



Camden Courier-Post - December 14, 1957

Peter N. Paull - Edward Troutman - Nathan Kline - William Haines
705 Bar - Martini's Service Station - Paramount Billiard
George Watson -  Hugh Martini - Richard D. Grayson
Broadway - Carteret Street - Chestnut Street - Main Street
Mulford Street  - North 4th Street - North 5th Street

Camden Courier-Post - December 14, 1957

Edward Troutman - Howard W. Creran - Clara G. Blake
Linden Street

Camden Courier-Post * November 8, 1958

William Alper - Austin Marks - Andrew McBurney - Edward Campbell - Edward Troutman
Raymond Carson - Clifford Frison - South 2nd Street