EARL ADNA CRYNE was born on May 24, 1884 in New Britain CT. His father was a traveling salesman. Earl Cryne attended the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale University. 

Earl Cryne developed an interest in flying and did some stunt flying prior to the United States' entrance into World War I. He landed a position as the Army's chief aircraft inspector, where he made the acquaintance of General Billy Mitchell. After the war he went into the Army's Air Corps Reserve, and was commissioned as an officer.

By 1924 Earl Cryne and his family had moved to 106 South 27th Street in East Camden, New Jersey. Earl Cryne worked selling airplanes, and had been commissioned as a Major in the United States Army's Air Corps Reserve. He was instrumental in forming the South Jersey Aviation Club, several of whose members had been involved in military aviation during World War I, including Howard Meyer. The club's mission was to push for the establishment of an airport in Camden, which was accomplished in 1929 with the establishment of Central Airport

Recalled to active duty in advance of World War II, Earl Cryne had been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel by November of 1941. In February of 1942 he was assigned to build the Sierra Ordnance Depot at Herlong, California, which at the time was the largest such facility in the nation. By war's end he had been promoted to full Colonel.

Earl Cryne remained in California after World War II, settling in Ventura. He opened a travel agency in 1946 and did quite well. He died in December of 1961, survived by his wife, three children, and a grandson.

Earl A. Cryne - 1900 Census

Earl A. Cryne - 1910 Census

World War I Draft Card - September 1918

Earl A. Cryne - 1920 Census

Camden Courier-Post - May 1926
Rev. R.E. Brestell - St. Paul's Episcopal Church - High Street - Captain Harold Marshall
Captain Edward Horner - Lieutenant Barry Truscott - Lieutenant Charles Schwaumbly -
Howard Meyer
Sergeant Harry Letts - Sergeant F.B. Randell - Corporal Frederick Becker - Robert Hewitt
Warren H. Bonder - Thoirs Post No. 47 American Legion - South Jersey Aviation Club

South Jersey Aero Club - October 3, 1927

Kenneth Whiting - South 27th Street - 308 Broadway - Central Airport

Earl A. Cryne - 1930 Census

Anniston, Alabama Star
November 14, 1941

Oxnard Press - December 9, 1961