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DR. WILLIAM A. DAVIS M.D. was born in Kent County DE on December 7, 1850. He studied medicine in Camden DE and at the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 1876. He then came to Camden NJ, opening an office at 422 South 3rd street, the corner of South 3rd and Washington Streets. In 1882 he had built a home and office at 300 Cooper Street, then one of the most desirable locations in the city. He practiced medicine and kept a drugstore at 422 South 3rd through 1911, taking in his son Dr. Albert A. Davis as a partner when the younger Davis completed his medical studies in the 1900s. Dr. Davis was still resideing at 300 Cooper Street as late as 1905. By 1906 he had relocated to 511 Cooper Street, where he passed away on August 18, 1913

Dr. Davis specialized in women's and children's diseases. He wrote and published many papers, was President of the Camden City and County Medical Societies, and was a member of several other professional organizations. 

Dr. Davis was on the original staff of Cooper Hospital when it was founded in 1884, and when it was dedicated on August 12, 1887. The four original attending physicians were Dr. Dillwyn Pancoast, Dr. H. Genet Taylor, Dr. Alexander M. Mecray, and Dr. William A. Davis. The surgeons were Doctors E.L.B. Godfrey, O.P. Cross, Dowling Benjamin and J.F. Walsh, with Dr. Joseph H. Willis as the original pathologist and Dr. Harry B. Jarrett serving as the first Resident Physician.

Dr. Davis was a trustee of the First Methodist Episcopal Church at South 6th and Stevens Street, and was instrumental in raising the funds to build the church, which cost $100,000. He also taught Sunday School there for a time. 

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