Dr. James


DR. JAMES H. STANTON was born in Denton, Maryland on July 9, 1837. After obtaining a preparatory education, he learned the machinist's trade, and ran a foundry for five years. In 1863 he moved to Philadelphia where he was in sales as a commission merchant. During his years in Philadelphia he began the study of medicine under the instruction of his uncle, Dr. W.E. Bonwill. Entering the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania, he completed the course and was graduated in the year 1869. He established himself in practice in Philadelphia immediately after graduation, and continued in his profession there until 1883, when he located in Camden, setting up a practice at 412 Broadway. A Republican, he served as Camden County coroner in 1890.

Dr. James H. Stanton died of heart disease on March 27, 1895 survived by his wife, daughter Mrs. Clara H. Bonwill, and son Dr. James G. Stanton.

Dr. Stanton was married to Wilhelmina Grier. Their son James Grier Stanton, and Dr. Stanton's nephew, Howard G. Bonwill, both studied medicine under Dr. Stanton and went into practice in Camden.

Dr. James G. Stanton was born in Delaware April 15, 1860; studied medicine with his father, entered Jefferson Medical College, and after his graduation, in March, 1881, he began to practice in Camden. Dr. Howard G. Bonwill was born near Dover, Kent County, Del., in 1862. He studied medicine with Dr. James H. Stanton, and entered Jefferson Medical College, from which he was graduated in April, 1886, and then began to practice in Camden.

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