Ferat Sr.

CHARLES MITCHELL FERAT SR. was born in Pennsylvania in August of 1849 to Charles Michael Ferat and his wife the former Helene C. Cummings. He was often referred to in newspapers as Charles Ferat Jr. until his father's death in 1885 

Charles M. Ferat Sr.'s mother passed when he was 3 years old. His father remarried, and there was at least one half-sister born of this marriage. Charles Michael Ferat had fought in the Civil War as a sergeant with Companies D and A of the 114th Pennsylvania Infantry, serving from August 17, 1861 to Augyst 16, 1864. He filed for an invalid's pension in April of 1880.

The elder Ferat worked as a confectioner, and in the 1870s and 1880s as "herb doctor". The Ferats lived in Philadelphia after his return from the Civil War. Both father and son worked as confectioners in the late 1860s. The 1870 Census indicated that they had moved a few blocks to what was Newton Township, which was in annexed to Camden in 1871. Both father and son were working as confectioners when the census was taken. The Ferats worked in Philadelphia and lived in Camden in the 1870s The 1870 Directory has them at the northeast corner of Broadway and Liberty Street. The Ferats are not listed in the 1874 Camden City, 

but are listed in Philadelphia's Directory. In 1876 both father and son are listed as confectioners at 1202 Broadway. The 1878 Directory and 1884 Directory both show the elder Ferat  was practicing herbal medicine at 1202 Broadway. Charles Michael Ferat, then known as Charles Ferat Sr., passed away on April 3, 1885.

In 1876 Charles M. Ferat Sr. opened a business as a candy manufacturer at 421 Federal Street. Charles M. Ferat Sr. married Marry Wrifford on November 29, 1877 at the Third Street Methodist Episcopal Church. Five children were born of this marriage. Charles M. Ferat Jr., Edward "Eddie" Cummings Ferat, William C. Ferat, Helene Ferat, and Mary E. Ferat.

In late 1887 or early 1888 the Ferat family moved to 26 Hudson Street. By December of 1900 the family and the business had moved to 526 Federal Street.   This would remain his business address until his passing in 1929. Charles M. Ferat retired from business in 1927, making his home with his daughter Helene and her husband William Sauerhoff in Audubon, New Jersey.

Son Charles M. Ferat Jr. married Nellie Ottinger on August 11, 1900. There were two children, a daughter, Ruth, and a son Charles M. Ferat III. Charles and Nellie Ferat were living at 628 Berkley Street in September of 1918, when he registered for the draft, He was then working at the New York Shipbuilding Company shipyards. After the war Charles M. Ferat Jr. worked at City Hall, and for many years as a clerk in the Camden County District Court.

The second son, Edward "Eddie" Cummings Ferat was quite well known as a professional basketball player, and was a member of the 1903-04 National Basket Ball League champion Camden Electrics. 

Camden Daily Post
July 10, 1879

Charles M. Ferat Sr.

Camden Post
July 24, 1883

Charles M. Ferat Sr.
Thaddeus Varney
Robert Stockton

Philadelphia Inquirer
March 8, 1905

John A. Furey

Charles M. Ferat Sr.
This may have been
Charles Ferat Sr.

Camden Courier-Post
November 29, 1929


Camden Courier-Post
December 3, 1929

Charles M. Ferat Sr. - Charles M. Ferat Jr.
Edward "Eddie" Ferat
Arthur H. Green - Lewis H. Mohrman
Benjamin H. Boardman - William Huhn
William Fithian - Walter J. Parsons
Camden Lodge 293, B.P.Order of Elks
Improved Order of Red Men
Ionic Lodge No. 94, Free & Accepted Masons
Mary A. Ferat - William C. Ferat
Mary E. Ferat Sattler
Helene Ferat Sauerhoff