CHARLES H. LAWYER was born in Lewiston, Pennsylvania on February 8, 1924  to Harriet M.  and Charles S. Lawyer. The family moved to Camden and settled in the Cramer Hill section of the city. Charles H. Lawyer attended Camden public schools, his elementary education coming at the Harry C. Sharp School, a short walk from the Lawyer's home at 1175 North 35th Street. He graduate from Camden High School in June of 1942 along with Leonard Ianelli. Both would in time serve with the Camden Fire Department.

The 1947 Camden City Directory shows that Charles H. Lawyer had married. He and his wife Gertrude resided with his parents at the North 35th Street address. His father was working as a Camden police officer, while Charles H. Lawyer was employed as a toolmaker.

Charles H. Lawyer was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on March 2, 1948. He reported for duty the following day with Engine Company 9, located at North 27th Street and Federal Street in East Camden. On April 1, 1956 Charles H. Lawyer was promoted to Captain and transferred to Engine Company 6 at Front and Linden Streets. This assignment lasted until his retirement on May 1, 1974, interrupted only once by a four-month long tour of duty at Engine Company 3 that began on September 1, 1969 and ended on New Years Day, 1970.

By 1956 Charles and Gertrude Lawyer had moved to 1032 North 22nd Street in Cramer Hill. He was still a Camden resident when he passed away on November 17, 1994.

Camden Courier-Post - February 5, 1936
4 From Kindergarten and
51 From First Grade Among 108 Honored

Four kindergarten pupils, five first grade pupils and nine February graduates were among the children attending the H. C. Sharp School, Thirty-second street and Hayes Avenue, who received certificates for being neither absent nor tardy since school opened in September.

They are Alice Stewart, Anna Schoenfeld, Robert Graham and Charles Pohlers, kindergarten; Dorothy Brown, Ethel Neale, Lidie Morrow, Eleanor Bernson, and Thelma Kohler, first grade, and Edward Hildebrand, May Anderson, Doris Birkle, Marian Hawk, Thelma Hoffman, Ruth Jensen, Mary Long, Ina Sinclair and Virginia Spohn, of the mid-year graduating class.

Others who received perfect attendance awards were; William Brown, Kenneth Michelbach, Charles Thompson, Dorothy Becker, Marian Esworthy, Dolly Simpson, Clifford Knaub, Howard Longfellow, Albert Ott, Ethel Barger, Jean Brown, Lillian Colsey, Gordon Henderson, Charles Hungridge, Charles Lawyer, Horace Maycott, Chester Ross, Theodore Spence, Charles Weaver, Laura Bingemann, Caroline Forrester, Lois Shugars, Sadie Speer.

Ruth Wert, George Smith, Raymond Thomas, Joseph Whylings, Jessie Graham, Catherine McKernan, Lucille McLean, Lucy Saiia, Dorothy Thompson, Kathleen Wilson, James Beck, John Hoffman, John Howe, Howard Ivins, Gordon Marshall, Edward Reid, Edith Beck, May Callahan, Myrtle Davies, Eleanor Riley.

Clarence Evans, Orley Kennedy, Ronald Mattson, Marian Clawell, Catherine Dunkelberger, Marie Helwig, Dorothea Lyons, Gerda Sattler, Ruth Wilson, James Brunker, Andrew Gorman, John McKernan, George Munger, Antonio Smarrito, Fay McLean, Frances Winter, Lewis Hemingway, Martin Spohn, Robert Wark, Hazel Howe, Harriet Lawyer. Doris Mills. Gloria Naylor, Irving Albertson, Henry Brightly, Edgar Brittingham.

Eugene Landis, Jeanette Fest, Charles Klein, Gene Contravo, William Stephens, Betty Brunker, Gertrude Campbell, Arlene Eckel, Edith Mae Stewart, Doris Ulrich, Richard Brunker, Robert Fest, Jack Fuller, Mark McLean, Frank Riley, Craig Stephens, William Peterson, Esther Brown, Jean Flannigan and Peggy Wark. 

William Harring Jr., Robert Troutman & Charles Lawyer

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