BENJAMIN G. BARNETT was born in Pennsylvania in July of 1869 to Joseph and Mary Barnett. When the Census was taken in 1880, the family lived at 518 North Third Street in Camden NJ, where Joseph Barnett worked as a ships carpenter. Also at home were older brothers Thomas, Henry " "Harry", and John, and younger siblings Sarah and Joseph. Benjamin Barnett would like his father, become a carpenter. 

Benjamin Barnett was single and living in South Camden at 512 William Street, the home of his brother Harry, in the summer of 1900. His brothers Joseph and John also resided there, as did John's wife Mary and their three children.

Benjamin G. Barnett, his parents and his brother Henry had established residence in Ocean City NJ by 1906. Benjamin G. Barnett's father Joseph died in 1908, and his widowed mother had made Ocean City her permanent home by 1910. Benjamin G. Barnett moved to Ocean City NJ once and for all around 1920, his mother Mary passing away in that year. He was living there with his brother Henry in April of 1930, when the census was again enumerated. Henry passed away in 1933,

By the time Benjamin G. Barnett passed away, on March 31, 1942 he had acquired a great deal of real estate, and was able to spend his winters in Florida. He kept his Camden ties, remaining a member of the Wyoming Tribe of the Improved Order of Red Men. He was survived by his brother, John Barnett. Benjamin G. Barnett was buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Camden, with his parents and brother Henry.

Older brother Thomas Merritt Barnett practiced law in Philadelphia. He died in 1890 of pneumonia. His son, Dr. Frank T. M. Barnett became a dentist, practicing at 710 Line Street from the 1920s into the late 1950s. He passed away in April of 1959.