ANDREW MILLER operated bars in Camden on at least two occasions. He was licensed to sell liquor at 1423 South 10th Street in 1906, and appears in the 1907 City directory working as a laborer and living at 939 Mechanic Street, just two doors away from that location. 

In late 1913 or early 1914 Andrew Miller went into the bar business at 625 Ferry Avenue, where Kolman Goldstein had been running a tavern and a real estate office since 1911. Andrew Miller stayed in the bar business through the fall of 1916. Not long afterwards, he left the liquor trade. William Plevinsky took over the bar and was in business at 625 Ferry as late as 1924.

By September of 1918 Andrew Miller had moved to 1617 Mt. Ephraim Avenue. He was then working as a butcher at for the Joseph Campbell Company, better known as Campbell Soup. The Millers were still at that address in January of 1920. Andrew Miller had gone back into business as a butcher. The family stayed at that address into 1922. The 1924 City Directory shows Andrew Miller and family at 1169 Van Hook Street. This would remain his home until at least 1940.

In September of 1928 Andrew Miller's daughter Cecelia married Philip John Golaszewski, who was well known as a long distance runner and later as a local businessman as John Glazer.

Andrew Miller passed away on April 5, 1958. 

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 7, 1906

Alexander Jasienski - 1039 Kaighn Avenue
George J. Callan - 201
Kaighn Avenue
Andrew Miller - 1423
South 10th Street
A.S. Strouse 318
Federal Street - Michael J. Ryan
George J. Lotz - 601
Pearl Street - Owen Kernan
James McKechnie - 223
Federal Street - Lawrence Lamaina
H. Harry McFarland - 1025
Market Street - Thomas Taylor
Harry Stahlhut - 140
Kaighn Avenue - Thomas Kelly
Walter Gillespie - 950
South 5th Street - John Muth

Philadelphia Inquirer
May 21, 1915

Charles Fitzsimmons
Joseph Cooper
Ferry Avenue
O. Glen Stackhouse
Central Avenue


Philadelphia Inquirer - May 22, 1915

Joseph J. Cooper - Central Avenue - Ferry Avenue - Andrew Miller - Mary Miller - Peter Gondolf

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 23, 1915

Joseph J. Cooper - Central Avenue - Ferry Avenue - Andrew Miller - Mary Miller 
Charles H. Fitzsimmons III - Joshua C. Haines

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 6, 1915

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 16, 1916

Frank T. Lloyd - Andrew Miller

Philadelphia Inquirer
October 15, 1916

Ferry Avenue
South 7th Street
Andrew Miller
Frank T. Lloyd
Joseph Cooper
Mary Miller Cooper
Mary Stiefenski