ALBERT COLBERT DILDINE was born on April 1, 1847 in Belvidere, New Jersey to William Mack Dildine and his wife the former Almira Owen. He was one of at least eight children. William M. Dildine worked as a tailor to support his family. 

Albert C. Dildine answered the call of his country on July 20, 1862, enlisting as a musician . He went into  Company C, 15th New Jersey Infantry Regiment on August 25, 1862. He mustered out on February 17, 1864 at Brandy Station, Virginia. 

During his time with the 15th New Jersey he was present and took part in the following actions:

December 1115, 1862 - Battle of Fredericksburg
April 30 - May 6, 1863 - Battle of Chancellorsville
July 13, 1863 - Battle of Gettysburg, but the 
                 regiment was not actively engaged|

July 524, 1863 - Pursuit of Lee to Manassas Gap
July 5, 1863 - Fairfield, Pennsylvania
July 1013, 1863 - At and near Funkstown, Maryland

Albert C. Dildine re-enlisted on September 19, 1864 as a Private. On September 24, 1864 he was made a member of  Company D, 38th New Jersey Infantry Regiment. The 38th New Jersey Infantry served out the rest of the war as the garrison for Fort Powhatan, on the James River, where General Grant had a pontoon bridge used to supply Union troops engaged in the siege of Richmond. The fort was abandoned at the end of the Civil War. Private Dildine mustered out on June 30, 1865 at City Point, Virginia.

Albert C. Dildine married around the time he went off to war. His wife apparently left with another man while he was away, and he never saw her again. He married Emma Atkinson in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 1, 1867. They separated in late 1881 or early 1882 due to Emma's problems with alcohol. She apparently disappeared and Albert had to wait years before getting permission to again marry.

Albert Dildine appears in the 1870 Census, working as a printer and residing in Gloucester City in what was then Newton Township. He appears in Camden City Directories in 1878, at 318 Atlantic Avenue. The 1883 Directory shows him at 636 Clinton Street. From 1885 through 1890 he is known to have lived at 430 Line Street. Albert Dildine followed the printer's trade through at least 1890. The 1891 City Directory shows a change in career and fortune, as he had been appointed Superintendent of Letter Carriers for the United States Postal Service office in Camden. He remained in the employ of the postal service until his retirement in 1920.

Albert Dildine married Edith Nora Beers on July 13, 1891 at Belvidere, New Jersey. Edith's stepfather opposed the marriage and brought a charge of bigamy against Albert, with was dismissed. Albert and Emma Dildine went on to have five children, Earle Benard Beers Dildine, Harold Redruth Dildine, Alma Leona Dildine, Ira Lindsey Dildine, and Kenneth Albert Dildine.

The 1891 City Directory lists Albert Dildine at 229 Market Street. He is listed at 717 Fern Street in 1892 and at 404 North 7th Street in 1895. The Dildine's purchased a home at 36 North 34th Street in what was then the Town of Stockton in 1896. Stockton, which comprised the present-day neighborhoods of Cramer Hill and East Camden, was annexed by Camden in 1899. The Dildines resided at the North 36th Street address as late as the fall of 1918. By January of 1920 they had moved to 2759
Carman Street. The 1920 Census shows that Albert C. Dildine, his wife and three youngest children living at that address. By April of 1930 only sons Ira Lindsey and Kenneth were still at home. The 1931 City Directory shows Albert C. Dildine still at the home on Carman Street. He passed away on November 9, 1931 and was buried in Belvidere, New Jersey. Edith Beers Dildine passed away in 1938 and was also buried in Belvidere. Albert C. Dildine was a member of the Thomas M.K. Lee Post No. 5, Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.).

Oldest son Earle Dildine live on the 500 block of York Street with his family from the 1920s into the 1950s.

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 18, 1891


Philadelphia Inquirer * January 7, 1907

Albert C. & Edith B. Dildine
educated guess
Edith's mother
Sarah Elizabeth Mayors Beers.

Photograph taken about 1910.



Albert C. Dildine's Family
Earle Benard Beers Dildine
Harold Redruth Dildine
Alma Leona Dildine
Ira Lindsey Dildine,
Kenneth Albert Dildine

Photograph taken about 1905.

North 34th Street

2757 & 2759
Carman Street

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