JOHN FREDERICK HARNED was born in Camden in 1856. His father, Henry Harned, was a cabinetmaker, and was a Vestryman at St. John's Episcopal Church in its early days. John Frederick Harned left school at the age of 13, but rose above his humble beginnings to become a prominent attorney in Camden.

After working as an office boy at the Chester Sugar Refinery, John F. Harned found work at the West Jersey Press newspaper, and later with the Philadelphia Inquirer, where he learned the printer's trade. During this period he became interested in amateur journalism and in 1873 was  was President of the Jersey Blue Amateur Press Association, whose official organ was called  the Star of the East. John F. Harned started, in 1872 in Camden a prominent journal called the Youths' Monthly, which he was the editor.

John F. Harned worked as journeyman printer, and attended night courses at the Franklin Institute. He subsequently studied law under Marmaduke Taylor. John F. Harned was admitted to the New Jersey Bar in November of 1882. 

In the late 1880s John F. Harned lived at 616 West Street, while maintaining offices at 317 Market Street. He married Helen Burr, daughter of Jonathan Burr, on November 14, 1888. In late 1889 or early 1890 John F. Harned and his family moved to a fine house at 728 Cooper Street. In 1893 he moved his offices to 424 Market Street. The Harneds had two sons, Jonathan Burr Harned, born in 1890, and John F. Harned Jr., born in 1895. 

By 1897 John F. Harned had risen to prominence in Camden's business and legal community. He was a director of the Central Trust Bank and the Camden Fire Insurance Association.  He was a member of Trimble Lodge, No. 117 Free and Accepted Masons.

John F. Harned was still living at 728 Cooper Street as late as 1920. At that time his neighbors included former Mayor Joseph Nowrey and State Senator Joseph H. Forsyth. His son, John F. Harned Jr. was then the owner of the Pioneer Wire Works at 208 Federal Street in Camden. In these years Helen Harned was a member of the Woman's Club of Camden, N.J.

John F. Harned



Bank Directory - March-December 1916

Security Trust Company
301 Market Street, Camden, N. J.

HENRY D. MOORE, Vice President.
C. H. POLHEMUS, Secretary and Treasurer 
WALTER T. PRATT, Assistant Treasurer
HOWARD M. POTTER, Trust Officer
General Counsel


Joshua E. Borton        

Henry D. Moore 

David Baird Sr.         

Harry Reeves

Howard Carrow 

Thomas W. Synnott

John F. Harned 

Isaac Ferris Jr.

Cooper B. Hatch

Dr. Paul Mecray

Francis C. Howell

Townsend Stites

S. Stanger Iszard

J. Spicer Leaming

Valentine Kissling

Anthony Kuser

Condition of Bank - March 7, 1916

South Jersey: A History 1624-1924

JOHN F. HARNED—The value and the importance of legal advice and direction in the   regular conduct of business affairs have been recognized only within comparatively recent years and have resulted since then in the bestowal of unique distinction upon attorneys. Although there are law firms and corporations as in every large city as wealthy, and commanding high distinction, as the largest business and manufacturing enterprises, lawyers of talent and capacity generally seek the ample reward for their services to business by being made directors and officials of the great industrial and commercial enterprises. Indeed, there are few firms of modern tendency that have not a legal advisor on their board of directors, and a lawyer's election to such participation in the affairs of a business enterprise is generally regarded as an indication of the value put upon legal services.

John F. Harned, practicing attorney of Camden since 1885, is among the few attorneys of Camden who have demonstrated their capacity to take an important part in the management of financial enterprises, and he has done this without curtailing his private practice, for which there is a wide demand, or slackening his inter­est in local historical subjects, in which he is deeply interested.

Mr. Harned was born at Camden, New Jersey, March 29, 1856, son of Henry and Harriet (Parkinson) Harned, both deceased. He received his preliminary education in the public schools of Camden and then studied at the law school of the University of Pennsylvania, from which institution he was graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Laws in 1885.

Immediately thereafter he returned to his native city and entered wholeheartedly upon the practice of his profession. His success was immediate and he won a large clientele and achieved an ever-widening circle of influence in the business life of Camden. Early in practice, he turned to specialize in business, financial and insurance law, making himself in a comparatively short time, master of these fields. Through­out he has practiced alone, bearing upon his own shoulders the full responsibility for the conduct of many important cases, but when he triumphed, the victory belonged to him alone and he preferred it that way. During the early part of his career he undertook court and jury litigation and distinguished himself in that field. Later, however, consultation practice took up the greater part of his time and, lately, he has been giving virtually all of his time and energies to looking after the interests of the important firms by which he is permanently retained, as well as of those on whose boards of directors .he serves.

Mr. Harned is attorney for the Camden Fire Insurance Company, the largest of its kind in New Jersey; the Security Trust Company; the Brotherhood of America, and other large and important interests and is a member of building and loan associations. He is also a director of the Security Trust Company and of the Camden Fire Insurance Company. He is vice-president of the Camden Historical Society and a mem­ber of the Camden Club. In religion he is a Unitarian. Mr. Harned is not a partisan of either of the two great political organizations, although had he taken part in political controversy, he might have achieved high office.   He has preferred to devote his time to his clientele and to his business connections and also to his intellectual pursuits.

He married, at Camden, November 4, 1889, Helen Burr, daughter of Jonathan Burr. They have one son living, J. Fred Harned.

Looking West ion Cooper Street from 9th

The John F. Harned House at 728 Cooper Street
is at rear on left

The John F. Harned House at 728 Cooper Street - Mid 1970s