Freedom is not free. Sometimes, it comes at a very high cost. 


[Map of Camden]


       While it is true that there are monuments dedicated to some of the men and women who gave of themselves for our country in WWII, I felt that there was a need for far more than currently exists at the time. As of February 2002, I am aware of 3 stone monuments dedicated to various men from Camden who died during the war years while in service. There also exists a tribute on the a wall within City Hall, which unfortunately, is placed so high on the wall and lighted so poorly that no one can really view it or read the names on it. 
       I do not at this time have a complete listing of Camden war dead from World War II, so as of this date, this is a work in progress. I hope to assemble a page of some sort on each man from the City who made the supreme sacrifice for country during the war. Click on links where you find them, and on photos as well for enhanced views and to find out more about each individual.

       If you have information or pictures which you would like to see included on this website, please contact me by e-mail.
                                        Phil Cohen

These Men Made The Supreme Sacrifice
For God And Country
Name Rank Branch Unit Born Died
Joseph Adamonis PFC ARMY 8th Infantry Regiment
4th Infantry Division
1922 6/24/1944
Ralph Francis Adams STM1C NAVY

USS Tang SS-306


Richard K. Aitken PVT ARMY   1905 2/17/1943
Jacques Hartley Allen LT USMC   1922 2/9/1945
Henry C. Allhiser PFC ARMY 30th Infantry Division 1914 10/11/1945
Robert H. Ammon SSGT AAF     6/23/1944
Edward C. Anderson PFC ARMY 306th Infantry Regiment
77th Infantry Division
Frank Angelastro PFC ARMY 5th Infantry Division   12/9/1944
Jacob C. Attone 2LT AAF     11/28/1944
Leonard Auslander CPL ARMY     4/16/1944
Richard P. Bach, Sr. SGT AAF

718th Bomber Squadron
449th Bomber Group, Heavy

1917 1/14/1944
Frank Ballerino  PVT  ARMY

31st Signal Construction Bn 

Livio Joseph Banda AMM3C NAVY Patrol Bombing Squadron VPB-119 7/24/1924 5/1/1945
Herbert M. Barag 2LT AAF     6/23/1942
Gustav A. Barricelli PFC ARMY Medical Department 6/13/1916 3/18/1945
Carl H. Barth PVT ARMY   1/15/1923 8/9/1943
Theodore E. Bayruns  PVT  ARMY 318th Infantry Regiment
 80th Infantry Division 
Joseph E. Becker PFC ARMY 553rd Ambulance Company   1/17/1945
Edward E. Benson PFC ARMY Company I
264th Infantry Regiment
66th Infantry Division
1923 12/25/1944
Frederick E. Bermel MM1C NAVY     11/13/1943
Worthington W. Betts PFC USMC     6/17/1944
Stanley J. Bezich SGT ARMY     11/27/1944
Anthony Joseph Bibinski PFC ARMY 7th Infantry Regiment
3rd Infantry Division
2/28/1917 11/20/1944
George N. Binnix  PVT  ARMY

320th Field Artillery Bn. 
82nd Airborne Division

John J. Bittman PFC ARMY     3/18/1945
Frank J. Blair SSGT AAF 374th Bomber Squadron
308th Bomber Group, Heavy
John Richard Blattner S1C NAVY         3/1945
Gilbert M. Blore TEC4 ARMY

HQ Company, 2nd Battalion
112th Infantry Regiment, 
28th Infantry Division

1917 8/13/1944
Frank J. Boerckel PFC ARMY

145th Infantry Regiment
37th Infantry Division

Benjamin Wallace Bonk S1C NAVY USS ESCOLAR   10/19/1944
Louis Bontkowski PFC ARMY 26th Infantry Regiment
1st Infantry Division
8/13/1920 9/13/1944
Joseph J. Bottalico  1LT MARINES VMB-612 2/3/1920 4/20/1945
William H. Bovell Jr. PVT ARMY 803rd Engineer Bn, Aviation 1918 6/16/1942
James D. Boyd EM3C NAVY USS Ross DD-563 7/25/1923 10/19/1944
Marlin M. Bowers PVT ARMY

306th Infantry Regiment
77th Infantry Division

Albert Boyer SGT AAF 347th Bomber Squadron
99th Bomb Group
Harry Holmes Bradway   MM SS M.F. Elliot   6/3/1942
Maurice Brahen SGT MARINES     12/28/1943
James W. Bramen PVT ARMY 808th Military Police Co.   12/18/1942
Frank Brown TSGT MARINES     7/28/1945
Raymond C. Brown PVT ARMY 329th Infantry Regiment
83rd Infantry Division
8/27/12 7/15/1944
Charles A. Brunk PVT ARMY     7/23/1943
Albert R. Bryan PVT ARMY

116th Infantry Regiment
29th Infantry Division

Isaac W. Budd LT NAVY     3/7/1944
Ted R, Bunalski PVT ARMY 2033rd Engineers 
Fire Fighting Platoon
9/25/1921 6/4/1944
Augustine Burgo SSGT AAF

336th Bomber Squadron 
95th Bomber Group, Heavy

1919 2/6/1944
Charles William Bush MM1C NAVY     4/6/1945
Howard Joseph Cahill PFC MARINES     3/4/1945
William F. Callen SGT ARMY     1/22/1944
Peter J. Calzonetti SGT ARMY     8/16/1944
Michael D. Capparelli RDM2C NAVY USS UNDERHILL   7/24/1945
John Francis Carberry SGT MARINES   1915 10/1/1943
William C. Carlisle SSGT ARMY   1919 1/13/1944
Jerome L. Carpenter 1SGT ARMY   1918 9/6/1943
Michael Carr  TEC5 ARMY 31st Signal Construction Bn     11/27/1943 
Nicholas Caruso  TEC5 ARMY Headquarters Company
28th Infantry Division
Earl Chew PFC ARMY 175th Infantry Regiment
29th Infantry Division
7/18/1923 9/17/1944
Gilbert F. Christy 1ST SGT ARMY      11/27/1943
Anthony Cinaglia PFC ARMY   1925 12/7/1944
Francis W. Clarke 2LT AAF 10th Air Force 9/14/1921 8/7/1945
Irwin Ritter Clarke CMM NAVY     11/20/1942
Robert E. Coates PFC ARMY 362nd Infantry Regiment
91st Infantry Division
Edward K. Cornelius 2LT AAF 64th Bomber Squadron
43rd Bomber Group, Heavy
12/16/1919 6/13/1944
Theodore T. Cornelius CMoMM NAVY USS Scorpion   6/27/1917 2/22/1944
Theodore P. Coyle SGT AAF 555th Bomber Squadron
386th Bomber Group, Medium
Graham Ingle Craig PHM1C NAVY     7/21/1944
Alfred Denny Crox PFC ARMY 351st Infantry Regiment
88th Infantry Division
9/15/20 6/8/1944
William Henry Crox SGT ARMY 306th Infantry Regiment
77th Infantry Division
9/15/20 6/6/1945
Edward Cummings PFC ARMY 137th Infantry Regiment, 
35th Infantry Division
James J. Cunningham ENS NAVY United States Naval Armed Guard
SS Robert Gray
Stanley Danenhower PVT ARMY

115th Infantry Regiment
29th Infantry Division

2/26/1912 8/28/1944
Dallas L. Davis PVT ARMY 93rd Infantry Division 3/28/1924 9/2/1943
Armand DeClemente SSGT ARMY

28th Infantry Regiment
8th Infantry Division

1910 8/27/1944
Harold J. De Graff SGT ARMY     2/4/1945
Angelo F. Derago TEC5 ARMY Company L
34th Infantry Regiment
41st Infantry Division
7/25/1918 8/13/1945
John Dibble COL ARMY Medical Corps 1890 2/7/1943
Angelo M. Di Camillo SGT AAF

751st Bomber Squadron,
457th Bomber Group, Heavy

Martin Di Carlantonio  PVT ARMY 30th Infantry Regiment
3rd Infantry Division
John Di Cicco TEC SGT ARMY 96th Bomb Group   4/21/1944
Andrew F. Dickson PVT ARMY   1921 1943
Robert E. Dietz PVT ARMY

6th Infantry Regiment
1st Armored Division

Victor J. Di Rico PFC ARMY 51st Armored Infantry Battalion 
4th Armored Division
2/8/1922 9/18/1944
Arthur R. Dougherty EM1C NAVY     5/11/1945
Roman Drapinski SSGT ARMY 53rd Armored Engineer Bn
12th Armored Division
William W. L. Dube PVT ARMY Troop A
38th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron
102nd Cavalry Group
Frank Aloysius Duffy PLT SGT MARINES     7/2/1944
Ralph H. Dunn SSGT ARMY 13th Infantry Regiment
8th Infantry Division
1/10/1916 9/1/1944
Lester J. Dyer TEC4 ARMY 83rd Chemical Battalion 1/26/1944
Boleslaw Dyl TSGT ARMY

47th Infantry Regiment
9th Infantry Division

Gustave Dzingoski
Gustave Dziengowski
AAF   1911 1/6/1943
Richard L. Eberhard TEC4 ARMY 350th Infantry Regiment
88th Infantry Division
1/6/1923 10/18/1944
Harry Edelmayer S1C NAVY     2/6/1944
Franklin Kenneth Edginton MOMM3C NAVY USS HERRING SS-233   6/1/1944
James A. Edwards SGT ARMY 318th Infantry Regiment
80th Infantry Division
1920 9/16/1944
Harry S. Ellis 2LT AAF

341st Fighter Squadron
348th Fighter Group

Wilbert Epley PVT ARMY 803rd Engineer Battalion, Aviation   6/1/1942
Aarne O. Erickson PFC ARMY Company G
413th Infantry Regiment
104th Infantry Division
10/19/1918 12/3/1944
Francesconi H. Ezzi SSGT ARMY     7/10/1944
Leslie R. Farrow AMM1C NAVY   7/22/24 7/21/1945
Louis F. Fattore TEC4 ARMY Company F
504th Parachute Infantry Regiment
82nd Airborne Division
4/16/1918 7/21/1943
Edward G. Ferguson PFC ARMY 10th Infantry Regiment
5th Infantry Division
Anthony Ferri PVT ARMY Company L
338th Infantry Regiment
85th Infantry Division
5/12/1915 5/11/1944
Thomas P. Flaherty CPL AAF 881st Chemical Company, Air Operations 12/9/1915 4/23/1945
Anthony J. Flemming PVT ARMY Company E
47th Infantry Regiment
9th Infantry Division
2/6/1913 11/25/1944
William F. Foehl CPL ARMY 120th Infantry Regiment
30th Infantry Division
11/10/1915 7/28/1944
Joseph C. Fournier PFC ARMY   3/11/1913 12/15/1944
Jesse Fowler SGT AAF     10/5/1944
Henry L. Francis, Jr. SGT ARMY 83rd Chemical Battalion   12/12/1944
Joseph A. Franks MOMM3C NAVY USS TRIGGER SS-237   3/28/1945
Charles J. Fuhrman PFC ARMY 90th Infantry Division   1/15/1945
John Falk Furer PVT ARMY 2nd Battalion
22nd Infantry Regiment
4th Infantry Division
3/10/1923 7/10/1944
Joseph Galiazzi SSGT ARMY 399th Infantry Regiment
100th Infantry Division
8/14/1920 1/22/1945
Edward C. Games 2LT AAF     2/1943
Harvey Gardner, Jr.   MM SS Sunoil   4/5/1943
Walter J. Gartland PFC ARMY     4/16/1945
Chester Gdowik PFC ARMY 6th Armored Infantry Battalion
1st Armored Division
2/2/1923 5/25/1944
Frank Gembalik PVT ARMY Battery F
243rd Coast Artillery Regiment
(Harbor Defense)
1907 1/24/1943
Frank J. George SGT ARMY 53rd Quartermaster Truck Bn    2/12/1944
Walter F. George, Jr. PVT ARMY     11/27/1944
William H. Gerth CIV   Department of War 1890 10/14/1942
Beltrando Giannetti PVT AAF 1119th Quartermaster Co., Aviation   7/29/1943
Harry W. Gifford CAPT MM     1/9/44
Malcolm W. Gill SGT ARMY     6/13/1944
George I. Gleason   MM SS East Indian   11/3/1942
Thomas J. Glennon SGT MARINES Marine Night Fighter Squadron 531
1921 12/5/1944
Edward L. Golden CPL AAF

30th Bomber Squadron, 
19th Bomber Group, Heavy

1923 9/7/1944
Israel Goldstein CPL ARMY     4/5/45
Edward R. Gondolf PVT ARMY 399th Infantry Regiment
100th Infantry Division
10/26/1912 12/7/1944
John J. Gorman CPL ARMY 18th Infantry Regiment
1st Infantry Division
1922 10/12/1944
Isaac C. Gosling PVT ARMY QM Corps   9/3/1942
William W. J. Gradwell, Jr. PVT ARMY SIGNAL CORPS 12/19/1919 7/13/1943
John J. Grassi, Jr. FO AAF   1913 1944
George T. Griffiths SGT AAF   1924 10/1/1943
William Groome PFC ARMY 351st Infantry Regiment
88th Infantry Division
3/16/1916 5/12/1944
Robert F. Gunson SGT AAF

365th Bomber Squadron, 
305th Bomber Group, Heavy

Paul J. Hagemann, Jr. S1C NAVY     6/21/1944
Raymond E. Haines S1C NAVY     1/3/1944
Walter J. Haines PFC ARMY 151st Infantry Regiment
38th Infantry Division
8/5/1925 4/12/1945
William A. Hand PFC ARMY 12th Engineer Combat Battalion
8th Infantry Division
Donald J. Harner SGT MARINES     4/6/1945
Samuel D. Harrell, Jr. SGT ARMY     1/4/1945
Edward R. Harrington AM1C NAVY     10/26/1944
Robert S. Hart SGT AAF   12/9/1920 2/25/1944
Ernest Hartline SSGT AAF 365th Bomber Squadron, 
305th Bomber Group, Heavy
2/24/1917 8/8/1944
Frank J. Hartmann III PVT ARMY INFANTRY 11/16/1923 7/18/1944
Daniel F. Hawk PVT ARMY 398th Infantry Regiment
94th Infantry Division
John Arthur Hawkins SM3C NAVY     6/7/1944
Robert E. Hearn S1C NAVY      1/17/1944
William H. Henderson SSGT ARMY      
John Allen Henkel S2C NAVY USS McKean APD-90   11/2/1943
Edward J. Henry PVT ARMY     2/7/1945
Ralph D. Heritage 2LT ARMY 398th Infantry Regiment
94th Infantry Division
Nicholas Hetz MM SS India Arrow   2/4/1942
Harry Horn S1C NAVY USS Callaghan DD-792   7/21/1945
Marion W. Howard, Jr. 1LT ARMY 191st Tank Battalion   2/14/1944
Louis W. Howell PFC ARMY 2nd Battalion
15th Infantry Regiment
3rd Infantry Division
8/5/1917 5/27/1944
John P. Icart EM2C NAVY USS COOPER DD-695   12/28/1944
Frank Imbesi PFC ARMY     7/13/1944
Gildo M. Izzi PVT ARMY Company E
133rd Infantry Regiment
34th Infantry Division
Andrew Blair Jakway, Jr. S2C NAVY     11/14/1943
Jacob Kessler Jenkins PVT ARMY 853rd Engineer Battalion, Aviation 1907 11/27/1943 
Neil Jensen MM SS W.D. Anderson 2/22/1942
Joseph H. Johnson PFC ARMY 31st Signal Construction Bn     11/27/1943 
Robert E. Jones PFC USMC   12/20/1943
Earl W. Jordan PFC ARMY 834th Engineer Aviation Battalion 10/24/1923 12/14/1944
James M. Jordan PFC ARMY     12/20/1944
Edward Kasper PVT ARMY Company I
324th Infantry Regiment
44th infantry Division
Wilbur Charles Keckhut FC1C NAVY USS INGRAHAM 1/17/1920 5/4/1945
James A. Keenan SSGT AAF     3/7/1945
Frank H. Keeley SSGT AAF 452nd Bomber Squadron, 
322nd Bomber Group, Medium
Leo James Kelly S2C NAVY     11/15/1942
Herman F. Kerk PFC ARMY 194th Field Artillery Battalion   1/13/1945
Vincent Keulikowski PFC ARMY 75th infantry Division   9/5/1945
Nathaniel Keyes PVT ARMY   1925 9/8/1944
Alfred L. Kluczynski S1C NAVY   1924 10/21/1943
Stephen V. Koscianski TEC5 ARMY 31st Signal Construction Bn  5/23/1907 11/27/1943 
Walter J. Koscianski PVT ARMY 63rd Signal Battalion 10/2/1905 2/6/1943
Walter E. Laskowski TEC5 ARMY 1913th Engineer Aviation Bn 1/17/1922 4/25/1945
Albert Laurie PFC ARMY Company B
63rd Armored Infantry Battalion
11th Armored Division
William H. Lear EM1C NAVY USS INTREPID CV-11   2/17/1944
Robert E. Lee PFC ARMY 16th Infantry Regiment
1st Infantry Division
Walter Lehman PFC ARMY 15th Infantry Regiment
 3rd Infantry Division
1907 3/4/1944
Jerome Levy 2LT ARMY

862nd Bomber Squadron, 
493rd Bomber Group, Heavy

1920 6/29/1944
Samuel J. Leyman PVT ARMY

22nd Infantry Regiment
4th Infantry Division

Frank Lilley PFC ARMY Company B
324th Infantry Regiment
44th Infantry Division
H. Robert Lind CPO NAVY   1908 1/7/1944
William J. Lloyd, Jr. SGT ARMY 16th Infantry Regiment
1st Infantry Division
Norman D. Louderback Jr. MM M/S East Indian   11/3/1942
Carmen J. Lomurno CPL USMC Headquarters, Second Battalion
21st Marines Regiment
3rd Marine Division
John Lozowski PVT USMC   3/8/1923 4/4/1943
Albert R. Luzi CPL USMC   9/26/1921 2/28/1945
Robert T. Lynn TSGT ARMY 28th Infantry Regiment
8th Infantry Division
1909 9/5/1944
Rocco Macchia PFC ARMY

291st Infantry Regiment
75th Infantry Division

10/10/1925 1/24/1945
Michael F. Mahoney ACMeM NAVY VB-144   2/15/1945
Sebastian Mannella PFC ARMY   2/15/1924 12/6/1944
Domenick F. Mariani PFC ARMY   4/28/1944 8/6/1944
Francis J. Marshall CPL USMC VMB-614 1925 2/23/1944
John T. Martin SGT ARMY  39th Infantry Regiment
9th Infantry Division
 1911  8/6/1943
Frank Mastantuano S2C NAVY     2/26/1945
Joseph Alphons Matyasik PVT ARMY 10th Armored Infantry Battalion
4th Armored Division
Enrico J. Mazzarulli PFC ARMY

376th Anti-Aircraft Artillery 
(Automatic Weapons) Battalion

George A. McClellan 2LT ARMY 527th Bomber Squadron
379th Bomber Group
11/15/1923 12/1/1944
Ramsey Farley McConnell EM3C NAVY USS TULLIBEE (SS-284)   3/26/1944
William McDonald PFC ARMY   12/23/1906 8/3/1944
Charles F. McGowan PVT ARMY Company B
811th Tank Destroyer Bn
1913 12/18/1944
Francis Xavier McGraw PFC ARMY 26th Infantry Regiment
1st Infantry Division
4/29/1918 11/19/1944
Francis J. McGuckin S1C NAVY   1918  
Harold S. McLean PFC ARMY 175th Infantry Regiment
 29th Infantry Division
John S. McMurray Jr. PFC ARMY 141st Infantry Regiment
 36th Infantry Division
Elmer J. Meiler PFC ARMY 325th Glider Infantry Regiment
82nd Airborne Division
1924 1/5/1945
Albert Meloni PVT USMC     5/9/1945
William Henry Merryfield OILER MM SS Pan Atlantic   7/6/1942
Nicholas J. Michaels PFC ARMY 8th Tank Battalion
4th Armored Division
5/26/1920 2/24/1945
Allen Middleton SSGT AAF 324th Bomber Squadron
91st Bomber Group, Heavy
9/16/1918 2/16/1943
Michael Mignogna PVT ARMY Medical Corps 1905 10/21/42
Robert F. Miles SSGT ARMY HQ Company, 2nd Battalion  
262nd Infantry Regiment
66th Infantry Division
Samuel D. Miller, Sr. SM2C NAVY USS ESSEX CV-9   11/26/1944
Charles Lesley Mills  CPL  USMC   8th Marine Regiment
2nd Marine Division


John A. Mlynarczyk CPL ARMY

382nd Infantry Regiment
96th Infantry Division

6/4/1919 10/28/1944
William J. Montague Jr. PFC ARMY 3007th Ordinance Company 4/1919 11/1/1943
Domenic P. Montemurro PVT ARMY Company K
133rd Infantry Regiment
34th Infantry Division
Joseph V. Moore PVT ARMY      
Charles R. Morrissey SSGT ARMY 110th Infantry Regiment
28th Infantry Division
1913 3/6/1945
Harry C. Morrisey PFC USMC   10/8/1915 10/9/1942
John H. Moses 2LT AAF 428th Bomber Squadron 3/1/1918 9/18/1944
Harry Jackson Mote   MM SS Meriwether Lewis   3/3/1943
Alfred Mrowczynski PVT ARMY Coast Artillery 10/2/1923 7/13/1944
Joseph F. Murawski PVT ARMY Company A, 707th Tank Battalion   12/19/1944
Edward F. Murtaugh PVT ARMY 135TH INF REGT
1/18/1923 1/6/1944
Francis D. Myers PVT ARMY 351st Infantry Regiment
88th Infantry Division
1925 11/30/1944
John Napiorkowksi PFC ARMY 475th Infantry Regiment 2/7/1923 7/27/1944
Joseph A. Narducci S1C NAVY USS Ticonderoga CV-14 4/20/1925 1/21/1945
Lester C. Newton PVT ARMY   1914 7/31/1944
Myrtile F. Norris PVT ARMY 6th Armored Infantry Battalion, 
1st Armored Division
John A. Nowrey PFC ARMY      
Enlow D. Oakes S3C NAVY      9/16/1944
Charles T. O'Neil PVT ARMY

350th Infantry Regiment
88th Infantry Division

Anthony Ordile PVT USMC     11/22/1942
Edward L. O'Toole PFC ARMY 116th Infantry Regiment
29th Infantry Division
4/8/1921 6/7/1944
Frank J. Owsianka PVT ARMY Quartermaster Corps 9/27/1920 3/1/1944
Albert L. Parker PVT USMC   1924 11/21/1943
James H. Parks, Jr. TEC5 ARMY 83rd Chemical Battalion   1/26/1944
Warren H. Patterson SSGT ARMY Company A
23rd Tank Battalion
12th Infantry Division
3/2/1921 4/22/1945

Eugene J. Pearce

PFC ARMY   2/25/1921 10/10/1944

Ronald J. Pearce

SSGT AAF 338th Bomber Squadron
96th Bomber Group, Heavy

John M. Peterson

S2C NAVY USS FRANKLIN CV-13   3/19/1945
William W. Pheneger, Jr. TEC5 ARMY 83rd Chemical Battalion 1/26/1944
Adam E. Piekarski PFC ARMY 121st Infantry Regiment
8th Infantry Division
11/22/1914 11/26/1944
Rocco Piligno SSGT AAF 394th Bomber Squadron
5th Bomber Group, Heavy
Joseph J. Piotrowski MM1C NAVY USS HELENA CL-50 5/3/1921 8/10/1945
Charles H. Pippett PFC ARMY 8th Infantry Regiment
4th Infantry Division
Stephen A. Pipito PFC ARMY     1944
John J. Pluskosky AMM3C NAVY        11/25/1944
Leopold Poduszczak 2LT AAF

333rd Bomber Squadron
94th Bomber Group, Heavy

12/21/1916 7/26/1943
Henry Popiolek SSGT AAF   10/28/1920 9/14/1942
Abraham Price   MM SS John A. Poor   7/28/1943
George H. Pruitt TEC4 ARMY 43rd Signal Construction Bn    6/10/1945
Stanley Przytula PFC ARMY 2nd Infantry Regiment
5th Infantry Division
8/23/1924 1/20/1945
Adam Pszwaro TEC5 ARMY Medical Detachment
133rd Infantry Regiment
34th Infantry Division
2/2/1914 9/19/1944
Benjamin F. Pyle PFC ARMY   11/8/1915 9/10/1944
Srecko F. Radich PFC ARMY

175th Infantry Regiment
29th Infantry Division

Thomas A. Read PFC ARMY

168th Infantry Regiment
34th Infantry Division

Robert C. Redding SSGT AAF 568th Bomber Squadron 
390th Bomber Group
3/16/21 10/8/1943
Leopold Renzi TEC5 ARMY B Troop 
117th Cavalry Recon Squadron
102nd Cavalry Group
Charles E. Reynolds SSGT ARMY 23rd Infantry Regiment
2nd Infantry Division
Morris Wilson Rickenbach, Jr. PHM3C NAVY 6th Beach Battalion 4/8/1923 6/6/1944
Lewis A. Riondino SGT AAF 322nd Fighter Control Squadron 11/26/1943
Clarence James Rives Jr. ENS NAVY      
William S. Robbins S1C NAVY   1942 12/31/1944
Angelo B. Romano PVT ARMY 11th Infantry Regiment
5th Infantry Division
12/16/1907 11/16/1944
Edward Joseph Romanowicz
(Joseph Romanowicz)
SC3C NAVY   5/2/1923 1/9/1945
John Romanowski S2C NAVY   1918 9/16/1944
John W. Rosevelt PVT ARMY 327th Engineer Combat Battalion
102nd Infantry Division
5/2/1913 1/22/1945
Arthur Carl Roscoe CWT NAVY SS Saint Augustine PG-54 1882 1/6/1944
Bernard B. Rose PVT ARMY 120th Infantry Regiment
30th Infantry Division
Emmett W. Ross PVT ARMY Troop B 
121st Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron
106th Cavalry Group 
Rocco J. Rossi PFC ARMY 33rd Armored Engineer Bn
7th Armored Division
Ernest George Rouse Jr ENS NAVY   8/12/1924 9/24/1945
Charles A. Rutecki PVT ARMY

168th Infantry Regiment
34th Infantry Division

1915 8/7/1943
Howard D. Sanford TSGT AAF     1/1/1945
Joseph N. Santosuosso PVT ARMY 633RD AA ARTILLERY 
Francis P. Scandell
(Francis P. Skedzielewski)
2LT AAF 484th Bomber Group 1/3/1921 5/10/1944
Lawrence A. Scavett, Jr. SGT ARMY      
George F. Schafer PFC ARMY

141st Infantry Regiment
 36th Infantry Division

Joseph Schmidt SSGT ARMY

135th Infantry Regiment
 34th Infantry Division

Francis J. Schwarz F1C MM SS St. Mihiel 6/1928 4/10/1945
Henry Patrick Scully CSF NAVY 41st Naval Construction Bn   5/31/1945
James A. Segawa 2LT AAF   1923 11/22/1944
Raymond E. Selah CPL ARMY

111th Field Artillery Battalion
 29th Infantry Division

1/26/1920 6/6/1944
George T. Senior SGT AAF

359th Bomber Squadron
303rd Bomber Group, Heavy

Sanford C. Shapiro PFC ARMY 83rd Chemical Battalion 8/5/1911 10/22/1943
Thomas Andino Sharp ST1 NAVY      
James L. Shaw CQM NAVY      
Joseph N. Shedloski F1C NAVY USS POMPANO 8/6/1922 Aug-Sept 1943
Stanley R. Sheldon SGT ARMY      
George C. Sherman PFC ARMY 808th Military Police Company   KIA/FOD
Elwood C. Shone SSGT ARMY      
John E. Shuler SSGT ARMY 349th Infantry Regiment
88th Infantry Division
8/15/1912 5/14/1944
Adolph Siebert PVT ARMY 12th Infantry Regiment
4th Infantry Division
Tony P. Simone PFC ARMY Medical Department
36th Armored Infantry Regiment
3rd Armored Division
11/11/1924 1/13/1945
George H. Simpson SGT AAF 442nd Troop Carrier Group 3/28/1923 11/30/1944
Horace E. Simpson, Jr. PFC ARMY 232nd Infantry Regiment
42nd Infantry Division
1/31/1921 1/6/1945
Leon Skabicki PFC ARMY HQ Company
60th Coast Artillery Regiment
2/27/1922 12/7/1944
William R. Smerhovsky TSGT ARMY     11/22/1944
Charles A.B. Smith PVT ARMY

2678th Civil Affairs Regiment

3/29/1944 7/29/1942
Charles M. Smith PVT ARMY 26th Infantry Regiment
1st Infantry Division
John J. Smith Jr. SGT AAF 333rd Bomber Sq
94th Bomber Grp
6/15/1924 7/31/1944
Robert P. Smith TEC5 ARMY 116th Infantry Regiment
29th Infantry Division
1921 6/6/1944
Chester Smurlo PFC USMC   2/8/1923 6/17/1944
Edward R. Snow TEC5 ARMY   1914 2/12/1945
Peter Sochanchak PVT ARMY      
William Solomon HA1C NAVY   3/12/1910 4/28/1944
Roy Elmer Starr GM3C NAVY   9/29/1916 7/3/1943
Chester Stelmach 2LT ARMY   5/5/1923 8/9/1944
Clifton Stevenson AB MM SS John Morgan   6/1/43
Charles R. Stewart Jr. PVT ARMY 21st Infantry Regiment
24th Infantry Division
Russell Stover SGT ARMY   1915  
Carlton H. Strang AB MM MS ATLANTIC SUN 1907 2/17/1943
Frank Oberfield Strauss CGM NAVY     4/22/1945
Edward J. Sullivan PFC ARMY

311th Infantry Regiment
78th Infantry Division

John L. Sullivan PVT ARMY

39th Infantry Regiment
9th Infantry Division

1917 3/28/1943
Charles H. Sutman 2LT ARMY INFANTRY 2/16/1913 7/15/1944
Raymond A. Szwak PFC ARMY 513th Parachute Infantry Regt. 
17th Airborne Division
9/25/1926 3/24/1945
Frank D. Tamru PFC ARMY 11th Armored Infantry Bn 
1st Armored Division
Seymour Tarken PVT ARMY      
Herbert Tarter PVT ARMY 11th Airborne Division 1/17/1921 2/8/1945
Harold C. Taylor MM1C NAVY     12/2/1942
Nicholas A. Tenaglia TSGT AAF

351st Bomber Squadron
100th Bomber Group, Heavy

Richard J. Thorpe PFC ARMY 110th Infantry Regiment
28th Infantry Division
Bartholomew P. Tirro PFC ARMY

Antitank Company
232nd Infantry Regiment
42nd Infantry Division

1917 2/19/1945
Alfred C. Titus, Jr. PVT ARMY

Company E, 2nd Battalion
22nd Infantry Regiment
4th Infantry Division

Walter G. Todd PVT AAF   1910 11/19/1944
Robert G. Toperzer CPL ARMY 120th Infantry Regiment
30th Infantry Division
4/15/1921 2/24/1945
Angelo Torre CPL ARMY FIELD ARTILLERY 12/10/1906 12/14/1944
Herman Clark Tribolet PVT ARMY   1913 7/5/1943
Robert C. Trublood TEC4 ARMY 590th Ambulance Company 1916 2/24/1945
Walter Trynski TEC5 ARMY SIGNAL CORPS 6/27/1919 7/6/1947
Richard M. Tull S2C NAVY     9/30/1943
Bruno S. Ulak 1LT AAF 698th Ordinance Company, Aviation 9/2/1914 9/7/1944
Frank Urbaniak S1C NAVY USS TERROR CM-5 1925 1945
Allen H. Van Deventer S1C NAVY     12/21/1944
Peter Carl Van Gemert Jr. 1LT ARMY 133rd Infantry Regiment
34th Infantry Division
Russell E. Vasey TM3C NAVY     3/19/1945
William Joseph Vespe PVT USMC 5th Marine Division   2/9/1945
George Villano PFC ARMY 335th Infantry Regiment
84th Infantry Division
Rocco Louis Vitelli S1C NAVY     5/6/1945
Peter J. Vollanovitch PFC ARMY 165th Infantry Regiment
27th Infantry Division
9/19/1916 4/23/1945
Donald F. Wagner 2LT AAF 720th Bomber Squadron
450th Bomber Group 
11/29/1920 4/5/1944
William G. Wagner PFC ARMY

305th Infantry Regiment
77th Infantry Division

1916 12/13/1944
Hilding I. Wahl ENS NAVY   6/23/1907 8/28/1943
Robert E. Watkins PVT USMC 1st Marine Division   8/9/1942
Joseph Stanley Watson ENS NAVY   1/4/1924 3/6/1946
Albert G. Weisser PVT ARMY 351st Infantry Regiment, 
88th Infantry Division
1916 9/25/1945
Elwood A. Whiteley PFC ARMY Company B
112th Infantry Regiment
28th Infantry Division
1912 11/8/1944
Augustus D. Whitney III PFC USMC   5/27/1925 2/24/1945

Edward Wierciszewski


46th Infantry Battalion
5th Armored Division

Lawrence Wild TEC5 ARMY 465th Infantry Regiment
107th Infantry Division
2/21/1921 4/22/1945
Charles Willard PFC ARMY 30th Infantry Regiment
3rd Infantry Division
Charles F. Williams PVT ARMY 168th Infantry Regiment
34th Infantry Division
Peter D. Wright TSGT ARMY 304th Infantry Regiment
76th Infantry Division
Michael Yachus  PVT ARMY 31st Signal Construction Bn     11/27/1943 
Teddy A. Yurkiewicz SSGT AAF

413rd Bomber Squadron
96th Bomber Group, Heavy



HMTS Rohna

        Six men from Camden NJ, Frank Ballerino, Michael Carr,  Michael Yachus, Stephen V. Koscianski, Lewis Riondino, and Joseph H. Johnson died together when the troop transport HMTS Rohna was struck by a German guided glider bomb and sank of the coast of North Africa. In addition,  six other Camden County men, 19 year-old Harry V. Taylor Jr. of Haddonfield, Merle Reagle of Lindenwold,  Walter McKeon of Blackwood, Carl Johanson and Jacob K. Jenkins of Pennsauken, and Elmer F. Day of Merchantville also were lost that day. In total, 1,015 men were lost, but the story was never told to the families or the general public for over 57 years due to wartime censorship.

The Rohna Survivors Memorial Association

MSNBC Coverage - Tom Brokaw
Read the article, and see the video


On December 24, 1944 the SS Leopoldville, carrying over 2000 American soldiers, was torpedoed off the coast of Normandy. 764 Americans lost their lives that night, including two from Camden NJ, PFC Edward E. Benson, and Staff Sergeant Robert F. Miles, who is memorialized on Camden's 8th Ward War Memorial.

To learn more about the Leopoldville disaster, and what happened to Robert Miles and Edward Benson, click on the links below.

Final Crossing of the Leopoldville


The S.S. Leopoldville wrecksite (1928-1944)

COVER-UP! The Sinking of the S.S. Leopoldville.



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Beverly National Cemetary

Carl H. Barth F O 1837
Isaac Z. Gosling C O 1950
William W. J. Gradwell Jr. F O 1708
Robert E. Hearn F O 1676
Sebastian Mannella F 1578
Allen Middleton  
Eugene J. Pearce F O 1580A
Benjamin F. Pyle F 1571A
Robert C. Redding P 95
Morris Wilson Rickenbach, Jr. F 1560
Horace E. Simpson, Jr. I 301
William Joseph Vespe C 1947
Donald F Wagner DS 1-B
Hilding I. Wahl D 738
Augustus Whitney F 1821