The following is derived from
George Reeser Prowell's
History of Camden County, New Jersey
published in 1886

In October, 1854, the Rev. Elvin K. Smith, rector of St. John 's Church began a weekly cottage lecture at the village of Stockton, now known as the Eighth Ward of Camden, where there were a few families desirous of worshipping God after the manner of their fathers. This service was maintained with varying degrees of regularity and success for several years.

In September, 1857, Mr. Thomas Lyle, a candidate for Holy Orders, became Sunday lecturer, holding service every Sunday afternoon in an upper room, specially set apart and furnished for that purpose, in the house of John Otten, the rector of St. John 's preaching once a month, and celebrating the communion once in two months.  In September, 1859, steps were taken to organize a parish, to be known as the Church of Our Saviour, Stockton, and at a meeting held for this purpose the following were elected as wardens and vestrymen: Senior Warden, John Hare Otten; Junior Warden, Henry Davis; Vestrymen, Charles Drake, O.J. Search, Henry B. Wilson, Gabriel Johnson, Richard Bunting and James Green. This organization, however, was dissolved in 1864. On the 19th of July, 1867, the parish was reorganized ; and, after various struggles, in the latter part of 1873, at the instance of the Rev. Dr. Garrison, dean of the convocation of Burlington, steps were again taken to reorganize it. In 1867, largely through the efforts of Mr. Patroni, a brick building situated on Van Hook Street, near the West Jersey Railroad, which had formerly been used as a Baptist meeting house, was purchased, and services were held in it until a lot of ground, situated at the southeast corner of Broadway and Viola Street, was deeded by the Manufacturers' Land Improvement Company to the rector, wardens and vestry, and a new building erected thereon. It was constructed of stone donated by John Powell, of Camden; the other materials being supplied by members of the parish and others interested in its welfare. The cornerstone was placed in, November, 1880. In November, 1882, just about two years after the laying of the cornerstone, the building, free from debt, was consecrated by the Right Rev. John Scarborough, D.D., Bishop of New Jersey. From the last reorganization, in 1873, until 1879 services were held chiefly by the Rev. Reece C. Evans, of Gloucester, and students from the West Philadel≠phia Divinity School, among whom were Messrs. Winskill, Waller, Powell, Heff'ern, Bagnall and Post. In November, 1879, the Rev. P.C. Creveling, then a teacher in Mr. Reilly's school, in Burlington, began, by appointment of the bishop, to hold services. He continued a year and three months. Shortly after his withdrawal, Rev. J. L. McKim, of St. Mary's Hall, Burlington, assumed charge of the parish and held regular Sunday and occasional weekday services until Advent, 1882.

On the first Sunday in Advent of that year the Rev. Win. B. Thorn entered upon his duties as rector of the parish. The officers at the present time (August, 1886) are,óRector, Rev. Win. B. Thorn; Senior Warden, A. A. Shull; Junior Warden, Jas. F. Sharp; Vestrymen, Lewis K. Kinsell (secretary), John Cottrell, Richard Bunting, Thos. McKenna, John Warnock, Jr., Benjamin Thomas and John W. Brooks.


Photograph from 1912

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 16, 1884
A.A. Shaw - James Sharp - Richard Bunting - John Warwick Jr.
S.L, Kinsel - John Cottrell - John Cottrell Jr. - Thomas McKenna

Camden Shipyard and Maritime Museum
The Church of Our Savior
1910-1912 Broadway (Broadway and Viola Streets)
Camden, N.J.

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