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St. Wilfrid's Church (Incorporated Mission) is an Episcopal Church that has served East Camden since it was organized in 1884 in what was then Stockton Township. The church incorporated in 1891. It is part of the Episcopal Church's Diocese of New Jersey.

A frame church was first erected in 1885 on Westfield Avenue at North Dudley Street, adjacent to Dudley Grange, where, in 2007, the new Catto School was erected. A rectory was added at 83 North Dudley Street.

In March of 2009, Marie Gibbs Johnson was kind enough to make numerous images of St. Wilfrid's and those who worshipped there available to the site. Her mother's family, the Atgers and her cousins the Stingers were active in the church for many years.

Marie Gibbs Johnson writes:

St. Wilfrid's Episcopal Church, the whole family were members. My mom [Delphine Atger Gibbs] and I later sang in the choir. My grandmom [Marie Atger] and Uncle Maurice were active members all of their lives and my mom attended as often as she could even after moving out of the area. My brothers & I were christened and confirmed there. Some of my brothers were acolytes and participated in church activities. Uncle Maurice was choir master for many years.

In 2019 a graduate student at Duke University, Stephanie Fanjul completed her Master's Thesis, a remarkable history of St. Wilfrid's Episcopal Church

St. Wilfrid's Church: Fragments of the Soul of an Urban Church
By Stephanie Fanjul

St. Wilfrid’s Episcopal Church in Camden, N.J. has survived de-industrialization, corruption, racist policies, and apathy over its one hundred-thirty-three years. The vulnerability and resiliency of the church enticed me into its sphere and motivated me to join the effort to preserve it. I discovered old church records that told the story of the congregation. I was able to talk to people who loved the church and worked to keep it alive. Thousands of small churches have experienced the same travails, hundreds of cities have abandoned their neighborhoods and lost their places of worship. Only a few congregations, like St. Wilfrid’s, have survived. They have been able to reinvent themselves and find a mission that is meaningful. This is a visual narrative documenting the faith, resiliency, and resurrection I witnessed at St. Wilfrid’s Church.

The paper is available through the library at Duke University.  

Search the paper name, the church name or Camden NJ.

The paper can also be downloaded here.

From George Reeser Prowell's 1886
History of Camden County, New Jersey

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 13, 1897

Samuel Jaquillard - Newton S. Danenhower - Rev. J.B. Westcott
Clara Hilliard -
North 25th Street - High Street -Rev. Roland Ringwalt
St. Wilfrid's Episcopal Church - Gen. John A Logan Post 102 G.A.R.

I copied this photo from of St Wilfrid's Episcopal Church at Westfield Ave. and Beideman  . Mom had this one from when the priest faced the back of the church. In later years, it was renovated and the priest faced the parishioners. The altar had been reversed. The renovations were not accepted by all. Most like the original way.

Marie Gibbs Johnson
November 2010

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Photo is from 1917 and appears to be Sunday School graduates
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Camden Courier-Post
February 18, 1928

Camden Courier-Post * June 4, 1932

Cunningham-Glenville Wedding 3 o'Clock Event
Elizabeth Glenville Becomes Bride
of George Cunningham in St. Wilfred's Church 

MISS ELIZABETH GLENVILLE'S marriage to George E. Cunningham, of St. Wilfred's Episcopal Church, Westfield avenue and Dudley street, is one of the leading events on today's calendar. 
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mr. Arthur Glenville, of 3065 Carman street, this city, while Mr. Cunningham is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cunningham, of 3718 Fairmount avenue, Welt Philadelphia, 

Rev, William Ridgeway, rector of the church, officiates at the three
o'clock ceremony in the church, decorated with white peonies for the 
occasion. Ralph Eden, organist, plays the wedding march.

The bride, given in marriage by her father, wears a lovely white chiffon gown exquisitely embroidered. Her picture hat is white also, and she carries a bouquet of white roses and lillies of the valley.

Miss Josephine Nelme, of Riverside, is bride's only attendant, has se;ected am embroidered organdie frock in orchid, and a picture hat to match. Her bouqet is tea rose.

John Rouse of Philadelphia is best man for the bridegroom.

Following a reception at the Glenville home, Mr. Cunningham and his bride leave for a wedding trip in the Poconos, and on their return will make their home at 14 Woodland avenue, Sharon Hill, Pa, 

Camden Courier-Post * June 29, 1933


More than 350 persons yesterday attended the annual church school picnic of St. Wilfrid's Episcopal Church. at Riverview Beach, Pennsville.

Dr. W. W. Ridgeway, rector of the church, said it was the largest crowd ever to attend a picnic of that parish. Athletic events were held for men, women and children.

Camden Courier-Post - February 8, 1933

St. Wilfrid's 1930s
This could be the church choir. Choirmaster Maurice Atger is at the right.
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St. Wilfrid's 1930s

St. Wilfrid's 1930s
Altar Boys & Church Choir
Alter Boy
Millard Thompson Jr. is at front left.
Maurice Atger is at center, directly in front of man closest to door
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St. Wilfrid's 1930s-1940s
Altar Boys
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Camden Courier-Post
February 11, 1938


Who was elected as a member of the vestry of St. Wilfrid's Episcopal Church, Westfield avenue and Dudley street, along with Robert M. Burgy. Petit also was named chairman of the parish committee and Burgy, treasurer. The Rt. Rev. Wallace J. Gardner, Bishop of the New Jersey Diocese, will administer the sacrament of confirmation at the church Monday night.

Camden Courier-Post - February 11, 1938


Rehearsals are being held for the 1938 Revue to be presented for the benefit of St. Wilfrid's Episcopal Church, Westfield avenue and Dudley street, on February 24 and 25.

Milton K. Stanley, former county detective, is directing the play. Electrical effects and scenery are under the direction of Ellsworth Marcoe. The women of the church are preparing new wardrobes for the cast. Jimmy Lang and his band will provide music for the show.

Camden Courier-Post - February 25, 1938

Parishioners of St Wilfrid's Church Present Varied Features in Show

Three hundred greeted the initial production of the "Revue of 1938" last night in the Guild Hall of St. Wilfrid's Church, Dudley street and Westfield avenue.

The program, which will be repeated tonight, opens with a minstrel show. The show includes vaudeville acts and a comedy presentation of an amateur hour radio broadcast, entitled "Major Shows His Amateur Hour."

Robert Burgy is interlocutor of the minstrel show. The end men are Jimmie Jones, Bud Ashton, Joe Hamilton, old time minstrel man, and Milton K. Stanley, former county detective, who directed the show.

Frances Allen, Maurice Atger, Mrs. Irma Weller, Mrs. Alice Stanley, George Braunwarth, Jr., Jones, Frances Stanley and Doris Gray are soloists in the minstrel troupe. Miss Weller does a novelty dance and Miss Kray a monologue. Jimmy Lang and his orchestra provide music. Florence Geragussi's Sophisticated High Steppers and Dorothy and Charles Ganter give song and dance specialties.    

Marcus Matthias takes the role of Major Show. In the "broadcast," Harry Riley, Charles Pelouze and Robert Shoemaker appear as Tennessee Hill Billies. Florence Donahue, Elizabeth Martin, June Daryman and. Freda Nuss are sunshine girls. Other characters are George Wysocki, "Signor Tomato';" Atger, "Rollo Winesap;" Mary Riley, "Mrs. Winesap" Braunwarth, "Epsom Salts;" Ellsworth Marcoe Jr., “Ferdinand Squidge;" Lillian Petit, “Mlle. Fefi Flitters;" Miss Weller" "Madame Coco;" Pelouze and Edward Mortimer, "Pluto, the Trained Mule," and Babe Shoemaker, "life of the party."

The above also appear in the general ensemble together with Doris Dodd, Dorothy Schmidt, Eleanor Dryer, Vern Burgy, Marie Dodd, Florence Feick, Robert Burgy, Theodore Tessier, Jerry Nicholson, David Lacy and Bud Ashton.

Camden Courier-Post - September 2, 1945
Memorial to Chief Quartermaster James Lewis Shaw, United States Navy